Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Art Work

LA has dived right into more painting this year! This is from late Dec/early Jan. (And available for purchase)

Don't forget her show at Java Buddha on Fri, Jan 26 from 7-10.

Monday, January 08, 2007

1st Show for the New Year

I had a great show at Shuga's near downtown Colorado Springs!

Its a great little restaurant/coffee shop/bar everyone should check out!

The next scheduled show is the 22nd (I'm trying for the 15th as well)

I am also playing at Java Buddha later this month.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


After nearly a year traveling on our own and with Nielsen, LauraAnne and I have finally found Home!

We were scheduled to close on a fixer-upper last Fri, but financing fell through due to some zoning and appraisal issues. Fri morning we had a moving truck parked in a hotel parking lot in Denver full of our worldly possessions, so Fri night we were homeless! Our realtor invited us to stay at her place on the north end of CO Springs after we looked around for a house we could A) afford B) move into. We drove by a tri-level loft style in the historic district of Colorado Springs and met the owner/builder outside. He was gracious enough to let us move in Saturday night without closing on it!

We are now nearly settled...the fridge arrived today and we'll dig a washer/dryer out of the seller's storage this week. We've got Nielsen work here till the end of the year. We'll work on that and set up our online bookstore on and maybe Abebooks. We'll get/create part-time jobs until the online books are self-sufficient.

The place is great and suits us well...the bottom is a 3 car tandem garage where we can store thousands of books. The second floor has the kitchen, family room, fireplace, extra bedroom, bathrooom, w/d hookup, balcony. The third floor has the living room, office, bathroom, and our bedroom.

We've been working from the middle-up, so the attached photos are the kitchen/family room and extra bedroom. The garage is currently used as the owner's storage--can't complain since we still havent closed on it.

Any time anyone's in the area, please come visit and stay as long as you like! We'd love to have you. You can sip coffee on the balcony and watch the sun light up Pike's Peak, walk to Starbucks, take a short (1 mile) drive or walk to Garden of the Gods, or go to Old Colorado City, the historic district.

We're very excited and very blessed. We couldnt believe Friday morning when we were homeless that God could have something better for us, but He sure did!

Monday, October 30, 2006


Jason and I went to a costume party last night and we won the contest for best costume!! :) here are some pictures of the fun. See if you can guess who we are!! Everyone have a safe and Happy Halloween!!

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,

Over many a quant and curious volume of forgotten lore......

Did you guess Edgar Allan Poe and the Raven!? If you did you're right!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

hello again

It has been awhile. Now in North Carolina I sit and decide to write. Minneapolis was good, lots of work and some fun too. Fall is here, I love the smells. Things are in the Midst of change. Looking for a house and somewhere to settle down, Jason and I are examining many new developments. The day is long and rainy, I accomplish a little. Should be home in another week. Home for the time being is Tulsa incase you were wondering. I desire to write all day now, but can't always manage. Goodness is abundant. I promise. It was hard for me to believe too, keep looking. Find your worth in your being, and never sell it.
Love till later,

I breath and breath again, what faint glow is this that renders your face, aged? Kissed by a corpse, blush a thousand shades of red.
mirror an image unspoken making all that is reached to become morbid. Faint and faint again I am sorry. Im supposed to be. Oh why, look straight ahead....face me, face to face
Black cigarette, White limousine
Black cigarette, White limousine
dissipate the pages I have read
calling like you haven't heard. The latest is Im breaking down. Found by light that makes you dread what this might say for me instead
Honing in, fight the rest, this temptation makes for fragility
Black cigarette, white limousine
Black cigarette, white limousine
These black foot prints in the sand place me at the scene of
the crime is that you dont care

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sometimes I just cover my head and hide. Like maybe I’m just a chair with a sweater thrown over it, like maybe no one will notice me. I can hold my breath and sit very, very still. I know I can; I’ve pulled it off before. In doing this I can blissfully convince myself that I am not real, I am merely an inanimate object. I am free to serve a useful purpose, or otherwise collect dust. A chair is bound to simply be a chair. It is not expected to dance or perform a skit, although sometimes it is used in skits. Still, even in a skit or, say a child’s imagination, a chair needs only play the role of a chair, and let life play its role. In the same respect consider a picture, created by someone, hanging on the wall; it is what it is, nothing more nothing less. Sure others can interpret and decipher but ultimately no one will walk by the work and say “Picture, bark like a dog!! I demand you bark like a dog!” It was created for a purpose and it serves its purpose. It doesn’t dream of being a car, or a bus, or a cloud (though these things could be in it) it is most assuredly content to hang as a picture, or even be stored in a dark closet, no matter where, still a picture. It will speak its message and go where destiny places it—this makes its audience a mere chance.

So, say I was a picture. Say I was a painting of a women, sitting on the side of the road selling news papers. She is examining her hands, they are tired and rough, spent with ink stains and flakes of dry skin rubbed by paper. Her expression shows disappointment in what she sees, yet a certain determination to keep going (because she has no choice?). As this picture, first and foremost I would say to the world, “I am what I am. This is me. Take it or leave it.” I would not worry about altering my appearance to suite a certain passer by. If someone turned up their noise to say, “I think it’s drab, positively amateur. Who is that ugly woman?” I would not have to defend myself, yet I would not have to describe myself either. Too much description would be bound to cloud my message. I would simply stay unalterably me. No fuss, no worry, just me, unashamed. The only message I would speak was the one message I was created to speak. I would tell the story of the newspaper woman, of her triumph and struggle. Some might even explain I symbolize the degradation of the working class. That’s just fine; it is my job only to be me. I do not control other’s interpretations. And let’s say the painting hanging across from me is of a dog, held on its leash by its owner, whose face does not appear in the painting. Its job, although logistically the same: hang, look like a picture, things like that, would creatively and comprehensively be different than mine. We would never look at each other, turning green with envy. We would not fight and mistrust. Doesn’t it make since that we would accept the other one’s position, knowing full well that we each had jobs to do, that if we did our jobs the rest was out of our control?

The pictures, the furniture, the dishes stacked neatly in my cupboard, they do not wage war with each other; although their accountability be different, their basic co-existence remains the same. Only external forces beyond control alter their destiny, their lives.

This personification is only the rantings of a mad or maybe just a silly woman, for alas I am not a piece of wall art and this flesh, this body is where I find myself bound to. I just want to be. I want being to be enough. I don’t want to war, to battle. It’s not just the battlefield, a war so far away that I comment on during an evening meal at the supper table. It is this battle that exists when I walk down the street, when everything is trying to beat everything else. Who is better? What makes them better? Is it ever enough? I just want to do my job. I want to shine in my message. I don’t want to have to alter it for you or anyone else. And if there is war, let it be against evil, for something that matters in the end.

The woman in the painting was sighing at the sight of her hands, what years of toil had gotten her. She sat nearly defeated at the side of the road while fancy cars and important people drove right past her. Her life was a story unbeknownst to them. What was that gleam of determination, I still am not sure I know. Surely it was hope, hope that she could still leave it all behind, that at the end of the day there was a place where none of it mattered. This place, a haven, where she can sit down and play the piano maybe, singing with a strong voice, a woman with something to say, a message to share. Is that her purpose? Why can’t that be enough?

Yes, I will sit here a while longer, this coat pulled over my head, in this chair that holds so simple and sturdy. But, then I will get up and I will write and talk about it all. My story will be my purpose. I will make it be enough. It has to be enough. God damn it if its not.

Monday, July 24, 2006

back in Tulsa and happy for the rest. Stopped through Portland on our way home and enjoyed some sites of the city. Drove through Yellowstone yet again and saw another grizzly bear. there was also a buffalo jam on the road for about 20 minutes. It was a mess, but kinda funny. they all just kept crossing the road paying no mind to the cars.

we got officially unpacked and enjoyed a weekend of catching up with family. Jason has got a little work here in Tulsa, and we are flying to Miami sometime next week. we will be gone a couple weeks and are looking forward to some time in Key West! then its back to Tulsa for a week or so and then off to Minneapolis. we will be there around four weeks.

tentatively we are hoping to settle down after Minn. and at this moment are thinking about Colorado Springs. the west was beautiful but at the end of the day was just so far away from friends and family. being that nothing powerful was drawing us there we considered many options. Colorado has really been sticking with us, and also my sister and her husband are hoping for a move to Colorado themselves. we are open to anything so we shall see how it all shakes out. so that is basically the catch up.

my dad is readying himself for his third trip to Vietnam at the end of the week. please remember to keep him in your prayers. we are very proud of him and excited for all that he is experiencing over there. i guess thats all for now. im sorda still on recharge. i was so lucky to get a Kidney infection on our way home but am feeling much better though still resting alot. hope everyone is well. love till later, lauraanne